Sunny's Spring Dale School, Bhandara

Run by Satyam Education Society

Rules & Regulations

·         Students should arrive at school on time.

·         A student who is absent or late will not be allowed to sit in the class without the permission of Principal.

·         Any student wishing to leave the school during the school hours must bring a written request from the parents.

·         Student must be always polite to all fellow students, teachers and all other non teaching staff and bus, van, auto rickshaw staff.

·         Use of abusive language and harsh tones is not permissible in any situation.

·         Students of any class are not allowed to enter other class rooms even during breaks.

·         Running , playing and shouting in corridors or class rooms is strictly  prohibited.

    ·         Students of all classes are strictly prohibited from bringing mobile phones, gold or expensive ornaments, cash and watches in the school. If lost school  will not be responsible.

·         Students are not allowed to wear fancy and colorful clothes except on birthday or when specially permitted by the school authorities.

·         Text books, stationary, bag, tiffin box etc should bear name and class of the owner. The school is not responsible  for any such things that get lost.

·         Bicycle should be kept in bicycle stand & properly locked.

·         The school premises and surroundings should be kept neat and tidy.

·         The students are expected to be environment friendly. Wastage of electricity, water and damage to plants must be avoided at all costs.

·         The students must take care of the school property and belongings. Any damage to school property caused by the students will have to be made good at the parents expense.